How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Making a clear argument can be challenging when there are many things to present.
Writing an argumentative essay means presenting multiple perspectives in a persuasive form. These three steps help make your point clear, even when the facts are not.
1. Create a detailed (context) using information that relate to your (audience).

This first step is the presentation of the topic at large. Depending on your argument, this can connect multiple disciplines.

(context) What has already been established, is known, or commonly believed about the topic.
(audience)Use the most logical, deductive, and chronological order for presenting key details for your specific area of interest.

2. Explain your argument.
Its good to get right to the point. However, this model works equally well if you need to give a very detailed argument. In its short form each of these points can be explored in a sentence or two. On the long end, each can be tailored to be up to several pages.

Based on (context) there is a need for (action).
(action) is the best solution to the existing circumstances in (context).
(audience) can gain from (action) in several ways.

3. Conclusion: How does this apply to the audience and context?

Connect the points. Summarizing the argument with a call to action is outstanding, because it leaves the reader with something to remember.

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