How Mentorship Can Expand your Career Part I

There are a number of benefits that socialization and mentorship provide within the context of career advancement. Research shows that these qualities of social exposure will influence the way that a person seeks career development opportunities and strategies (Feldmen et al., 1999). Despite the conclusive evidence of this, there are few avenues that the business and professional world integrate in order to establish precedence for career mentorship. In this exploration of socialization and mentorship the benefits as well as potential modalities for improvement will be considered. These are further applied to a business prospect that would influence future large scale applications.

Socialization and mentorship has a long history of impacting the career development and advancement of students and professionals. Research indicates that socialization on the site of employment or location of the job can help create future career advancement  (Feldmen et al., 1999). Using these experiences people can develop the most sustainable model of skill acquisition and placement within an organizational structure.

The business application of this endeavor is that large corporations can create a network or environment of socialization and invite students from city colleges and other centralized academic environments to join. This would open the potential for Fortune 500 countries to find and recruit valuable talent. This type of investment would further save on training expenses in the future based on individual learning potential and career goals.



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