Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


Nowadays, the big talk of the town is the new Harry Potter play script Book that is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The book released on 31st July 2016. The new book has stirred up nostalgia for the fans. The fans have been flocking to the bookshops to get their hands on the new book. It will be the first Harry Potter story to be presented on stage.

It is the eighth edition of the Harry Potter series. This book is about the events 19 years after the battle at Hogwarts. Harry Potter has now three children with Ginny Weasley. Ron Weasely and Hermoine Granger have two children. All of them are ready to start their journey at Hogwarts. The cursed child is full of action and surprises.

There are total eight Harry Potter books now that are Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. There are total eight books now. Daniel Radcliff plays Harry Potter in the movies. Harry Potter movies are not available to stream online on Netflix. Harry Potter series is 19 years old now.


There are several things that you need to work on in order to survive the online school.
Time Management
Sometimes, students take online school for granted due to the flexibility, comfort, and easiness. Many students forget that just like the traditional school, the online school deserves much attention with properly planned. Let the money you are investing in your education be worth it. Once the academic timetable is delivered to you, you need to synchronize it with your work schedules to see where you may need to adjust yourself. You have to be able to meet all deadlines to make most of your education and reduce stress which comes as a result of rushing to meet deadlines.
Here are some time management procedures:
Attending Classes
Online schools come with scheduled class hours. Some online degree programs require you to attend lectures each day at a scheduled. Whatever type you find yourself in, you need to always plan your time. The online school should be taken serious just as the traditional one and lectures and other activities that come with it must be attended with keen interest.
Taking Assignments on time
Assignments are a part of GPA. Many students underrate the effects of not submitting assignments and on time. You are using a chunk of your salary to pay fees. So, I don’t think taking assignments should be a big deal. Since it was your own decision to enroll in a virtual school, you also need to respect anything which comes with it. Assignments are required to be submitted and what is needed to complete that assignment. You should not wait till deadlines are near to complete your assignment. It is always better to complete all assignments at least two days to the deadline.
Learning for Exams
One advantage with many online schools is that you can take your exams online. So, there is always the temptation to review course books when taking exams. So, there is always the temptation to review course books when taking exams. Follow the day to day lecture activities, join the student forum and ask questions. This enhances your review.
Assignment help
Seeking assignment help can be done through the student forum and through the research online. Sometimes, you might have lots of workloads and may need outside help. There are several agencies you can contact online or manually to help you with your assignments. However, don’t just go in for any inexperienced hands in your course of study. You should look for an agency which will offer you quality assignment help and writing services. You to pay for the assignments. However, don’t choose a cheap price over quality work. Choose the one which has experience in the field of work. Choose the one which has experience in the field of work, for example, if it is an assignment on technology, choose someone who has the expertise in technology and not a good mathematician. By browsing through the web, you can have such assignment help.
Term paper
Term papers forms a significant part of the grading system and should be taken with keen interest. It is one of the common requirements for all graduate courses. The term paper increases ones expertise in a particular area. It allows you to investigate the subject area and even go beyond the stethoscope.
Term papers also sharpen your analytical skills and style while you prepare for your professional career.
When writing a research or term paper, you need to carefully choose a topic, follow instructions, and do it as early as possible and write a specified length among others.
Choosing a Topic
If you are not given a topic by the instructor and you are allowed to choose one for yourself, make sure choose a topic you have interest and is well versed in and may meet all the instructions given.
Dissertation proposal
Dissertation proposal sums up your entire project per the knowledge you have acquired throughout your education at the doctoral level. It provides the overview of your proposed plan of work. This includes the title, abstract, introduction, scope of the project, research questions to be used, the methodology, significance of your study and bibliography and much more. In order words, your proposal must highlight what you want to study and why the procedure you will take to study the topic and the time frame of the research.
The proposal is used to defend the research project and must portray how the research can contribute to existing ones. It should be able to convince the supervisory board that you are well versed in the area you want to research and within the required time frame.
Before you start writing the proposal consider the time frame you can use in executing the proposed topic, start jotting it down, write down relevant thought you come across, write down more than one proposal and choose the best, make sure it is persuasive enough, be ready to make adjustment in the proposal since it is a negotiating content. It must be able to present the results and an analysis of original research, and should be significant enough to be published

Thesis papers
Writing of thesis is very crucial in every student’s educational cycle. It is the final project which determines whether a student will be graduated from a school. The thesis focuses on a subject matter and brings to bare your idea or opinion on it. It should elaborate what your position in relation to the topic is and tell readers exactly what you mean. It must reflect your research skills, should be communicative and critically analyzed literature with detailed methodology and accurate results. You should be able to verify your source to ensure the right and factual information is provided.
To write a great thesis you must be clear and specific as possible, indicate your main point and avoid writing informative points in the middle or last paragraph.
Online school may offer you the best of solutions when seeking to upgrade yourself or achieve career advancement but should be done with care. You are meant to follow the rules.
Seek proper advice, do your background checks and you can rely on people who have already enrolled in such online school for firsthand information and direction.


There are several things to consider before enrolling in a particular online school. There are several schools which claim to offer the best of tuition and offer a better environment for learning. You should also bear in mind that there are lots of spam online schools which will take your money and at the end, you will get no certificate. This means that some research must be done to get to the right online school. When you go through the online schools, you also need to consider these:
• Credibility: There are several online schools without authorizations so you must watch out. You should choose the online school which is authorized to operate in their country. Remember, many employers will not offer you employment if your certificate is not from a recognized institution.
• Courses Offered: You have an objective for enrolling in a school and that prime objective is to pursue a course which meets your career needs. Don’t just pursue an online education program because it is available.
• Tuition costs: After getting a line of accredited schools to choose from, the next step you can consider is tuition fee. As an adult with responsibilities like taking care of the family and paying bills, you have to consider an online school which will not have much effect on your budget. Also, some online schools have hidden charges which crop up after enrolling, so you need to check on all that.
• Lesson hours: As a worker, it is very important that the lesson hours does not interfere with that of your work. So choose that university which offers flexibility as far as lesson hours are concerned. For example, when your working hours falls within 8 am to 3 pm, choose a university which meets that timeline or even offers weekend classes. In this way, your work won’t interfere with education.
• The level of tech support: Online school is all about using technology. But imagine after finishing your online assignment and you have difficulties submitting it. Meanwhile, the deadline is up and can affect your grade at the end of the academic year. To save yourself from this situation by choosing a Virtual school with tech support to help you during this situation. The school should have 24/7 of such support so that at once you encounter a challenge online, the support team will be in to lend a helping hand.

Choosing a Course
Choosing the right course to pursue can be challenging sometimes. It is a lifetime choice and messing up on that can ruin your entire life. You know what you want to become before even thinking of enrolling in a school. Does the course you are choosing fall in line with your career objectives? As an adult, you have the freedom to choose what you want to become. Do yourself good by choosing an online education program that will at the end of the program make you become what you aspired to be. If you have no clue about what online degree program can lead you to, you can seek support from friends. In this way, you can overcome the mistakes.


Online Schools
Online schools have gained lots of prominences in recent days because many people want to obtain academic qualifications or upgrade themselves. It is now more popular among adults especially the working class, who want career advancement.
So, traditional schools started offering online degrees, masters, and doctorate. There are many established schools solely offering online courses. Unlike the traditional forms of education like virtual schools comes with lots of flexibility, especially for adults. The adults have other commitments such as the perfect balance between taking care of family and work.
With online education, one can pursue two or more online college degrees from different universities or colleges at the same period. So at the end of an academic year, one can boast of two or more online college degrees in different courses. There are several other benefits but don’t forget it also comes with other disadvantages.
Reasons to enroll in an Online School
Most of the traditional universities today are not able to admit many applicants due to lack of capacity. Some students have made lots of unsuccessful attempts to further their education at the universities of their choice but have been denied several times due to limited opportunities. How long are you going to wait? Why don’t you rather enroll in an online school for that dream course?
Online education offers the same certificates just like the traditional one. At the end of the day, the certificate won’t say that you got it via an online course. Here are some other reasons to enroll in an online school as an adult.
• Flexibility: Online college classes comes with flexibility and easiness. You are able to do other activities. You can preview the course timetable and course works within the week. In this way, you are able to plan your day. This doesn’t interrupt other activities with our online session.
• Less Pressure: Unlike the traditional form of education where you have to attend classes at a strict time with strict deadlines, virtual schools comes with less pressure. However, online education programs also come with strict assignment deadlines. There is no pressure when it comes to reading course materials. So with proper time management, you are able to do all that is required.
• Learn at your own pace: Learning is a necessary tool whether you are in a campus university or pursuing an online course to excel in your education. However, with an online school, you are able to learn at your own pace. You don’t need to worry in your head to learn each and every day. Also, if you are a slow learner you can take all the time to understand. For example, if you are not able to absorb well at day time, you can choose to learn at night when you absorb better and learn at a pace which suits you.
• Cost: There is a school of thought that the traditional education is less expensive than getting an online college degree. However, I beg to differ on that declaration. While campus schools come with other requirements like renting a hostel, transportation in and out of school, buying of books. On the contrary to this, online schools don’t require this stuff. Though the fees required to enroll in an online school is expensive you can still do some savings. Since you learn at the comfort of your home and also download course materials online, you are able to save monies meant for all these expenditures. When you put this into consideration, it makes the cost of gaining an online college degree and campus school almost the same.
• Comfort: You get to learn from the comfort of your home without any disturbances from other colleagues. The comfort also comes as there are no one demands for a code of conducts, meet specific dress code and other instructions. All you need to do is meet schedules for lessons, read on the day’s work notes or chapters and there you go.

Writing an Excellent Academic Paper

Academic research writing is a way students prove their understanding, knowledge and intelligence about a subject. In this way, the student brings to bear their arguments, support and alternative ideas to a subject of interest. However, the best research papers don’t follow the norms but are original and brings a new view on the topic in question and also stands out. Writing an excellent piece is no mean an achievement and must be carefully thought of and written in accordance to orders given. You may from time to time add up some information to spice up the work should be in accordance with the instructions. Here are some points to consider when writing an academic research paper.

* Pick a topic that is the right size
* Plan the wordcount
* Introduce with an Overview
* Discuss each point
* Conclude and reiterate the Introduction

Before you think of writing an academic piece, there is the need to choose a topic that you are enthused about which is original and not a copy of one’s work. This enables you to write with passion and digs more into the said topic since it is something you want to be abreast yourself more as well as educating others.
If the topic is one set for you and not your own, you still need to make that topic yours. That is never be broken down by the topic and gather the same enthusiasm as it were a topic you chose yourself.

After getting the topic, the next thing is to organize your initial thoughts, pen down some points and formulate the structure of which the academic piece will take.
When the information gathered is not enough, it is important to also do some research on the topic via the web or refer from other books. Sometimes the academic paper may need a field research in addition just to gather enough facts and this should not break you down, you need to devote yourself to doing the research to enable you to write an in-depth and knowledge filled piece which is coherent and comprehensive.
Have it in mind that the paper is going to serve a purpose and therefore you should stay on track. There is no need beating about the bush and adding uninformative sentences which may veer you off the topic you are writing about.

Remember that the research paper will be read by other interested persons, therefore, you need to write a clear and concise work with perfect English free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Whiles writing, you need to compare your work to other great research pieces to further give you more ideas on what to do even when you are short of ideas. Comparing your piece to others in a timely manner keep you in pace, however, ideas should not be copied as the work needs to be original.
Sometimes, writers turn to answer their own questions instead of the one set. This may be as a result of lack of information but it shouldn’t be so. You need to stick to the subject from start to the end.

The piece should not be partial but a one which consolidates all arguments brings them together and state your case. You should debate well without relegating others thought or point or view. This means you have to be balanced in your writing and not one way.
Whiles consolidating others view, you still need to be defensive of your thought when they are different from the conventional ones. Infusing others should not make you deviate from your own thoughts. Sometimes writers become unaware they are deviating their initial thoughts as they read from others thought. This can be avoided when points are dotted and followed as initially said.

Don’t forget that for your research paper needs to be authentic and this can be done when it is backed with data and sources as while adding other quotes from similar research papers. You just don’t have to write what you think should be an ideal situation. Every piece you write needs to be one which is backed with statistics and realities on the ground. However quoting or referring from other works should not take the shine out of yours, you still need to be original.

The context should not be a narrow one but broad. You need to think outside the box and bring out extraordinary thoughts. Everyone knows that 1+1=2 but you can create a new formula out of the conventional formula but still land at the answer 2. This does not mean you have to be in illusion and add false statements.
The academic piece should have an inspirational touch to enable continues reading. Don’t let your boring which may prevent readers from reading further even though it may be very informative and knowledge filled.

Including images in your writing also brings life to it. This also brings much credibility to your work. Not only images but also insert data and statistics which backs your work. But you shouldn’t add the picture when it is not needed as it must match your write-up and give it more backing.
Ensure you add citations to your research work. Quotes all sources which contributed to your work i.e. you shouldn’t take credit where it is not due. Adding citations even gives more credibility to the piece you have written and readers can easily refer when needed.
You may not be perfect with grammar, but proofreading your work reduces errors. Through proofreading, you are able to correct some minor mistakes.

You may need further edit from an experienced person to perfect your work. Don’t be shy to seek for such help since further help may bring more live to your work as it does away unnecessary writings while adding up to where you fell short.
The excellent academic piece you’ve written may not see the light of the day when not submitted on time. Remember timeliness is part of writing that research piece and you must stay within the time frame.

How Mentorship Can Expand your Career Part II

One of the crucial elements that socialization and mentorship provides within the context of career advancement is that creates the impetus and direction for change. While change is a necessary force in the propensity of early career advancement, its guidance is critical for the correct choices and job formation decisions. Based on the quality of instruction that is ascertained throughout these experiences it is possible to continue the progress of acquiring relevant talent.

There are numerous ways that embracing change can promote career advancement. In general, socialization and mentoring are critical to the development of employees in the early stages of their careers. In academic tests by Dansky in 1996 it was found that psychosocial support as well as the influence of the professional affiliation that they gained access to would contribute to the world perspective and goals that the individual set.

The practical way that inclusion and networking can change a person’s network is critical to the establishing of ideals. Mentoring contributes to the increased social skills and awareness to create and sustain business development (Feldmen, 1999). Both activities of mentoring and socialization have a specific influence on career advancement in these psychosocial ways.  Evaluating each of these aspects from a critical and larger perspective would create the necessary evidence to suggest future acquisition methods. For example, allowing students a chance to join in professional networks as shown by Dansky (1996) would facilitate weak ties and connections.

In conclusion there are numerous ways that socialization and mentorship will affect the career development of new and prospective individuals. Based on the continual advancement of change and inclusion amongst broader networks, it is possible to create an environment that would pool the most valuable available talent in a workforce. This can be applied to all industries and will impact the way that businesses facilitate positive employee relationships. In conclusion the use of socialization and mentorship are vital towards career advancement.


Dansky, K. H. (1996). The effect of group mentoring on career outcomes. Group & Organization Management, 21(1), 5-21.


Feldman, D. C., & Bolino, M. C. (1999). The impact of on-site mentoring on expatriate socialization: A structural equation modelling approach. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 10(1), 54-71.

How Mentorship Can Expand your Career Part I

There are a number of benefits that socialization and mentorship provide within the context of career advancement. Research shows that these qualities of social exposure will influence the way that a person seeks career development opportunities and strategies (Feldmen et al., 1999). Despite the conclusive evidence of this, there are few avenues that the business and professional world integrate in order to establish precedence for career mentorship. In this exploration of socialization and mentorship the benefits as well as potential modalities for improvement will be considered. These are further applied to a business prospect that would influence future large scale applications.

Socialization and mentorship has a long history of impacting the career development and advancement of students and professionals. Research indicates that socialization on the site of employment or location of the job can help create future career advancement  (Feldmen et al., 1999). Using these experiences people can develop the most sustainable model of skill acquisition and placement within an organizational structure.

The business application of this endeavor is that large corporations can create a network or environment of socialization and invite students from city colleges and other centralized academic environments to join. This would open the potential for Fortune 500 countries to find and recruit valuable talent. This type of investment would further save on training expenses in the future based on individual learning potential and career goals.



Dansky, K. H. (1996). The effect of group mentoring on career outcomes.Group & Organization Management, 21(1), 5-21.


Feldman, D. C., &Bolino, M. C. (1999). The impact of on-site mentoring on expatriate socialization: A structural equation modelling approach. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 10(1), 54-71.

Best Practices in Essay Writing

In this piece of writing you will get to know how to write an essay. You can write essay about yourself. Moreover, you can also write narrative essay and write history essay. If you want to get financial aid then you have to write essay for scholarship too. You can also write essay online by using write essay service like custom writing service online, custom writing essay, custom writing paper, custom dissertation hand writing service, custom assignment writing service. And then write essay sample.
When you are writing an essay, it is important to present the important fact. Always raise self-assessment question can help in this process whether or not the subject is attention grabbing or not. Another strategy is to be source heavy as an ample amount of research can help you write better. Don’t mess it up with loads of information.
Essay writing is a collection of parts and the result of a cumulative process. Outlining provides the necessary framework for a well-structured, presentation of facts. Essay writing practices should be simple yet resourceful.
Outline your essay: create a list of references and topics before writing.
This helps categorize information and avoid errors. It is also handy in addressing key points so you don’t get lost in the content.
as they are available handy once addressing. Never Mess up with whole lot of information; This helps with Writing each paragraph with focus.
Write a minimum five original sentence. The first paragraph consists of Introduction. Some key sentences about where the essay is going, as well as the thesis or important message are well suited here. This sets the stage for important and relevant information and will help the reader understand the flow of your writing. Then the main body showing your researches then the last paragraph ought be greetings.
Transitions that point out the importance of a topic can help keep the writing informal and with vital information handy.
Review your work: Edit for common sentence structure errors and other aspects of grammar.
College research papers are notorious for requiring large amounts of information. Unique in context with respect to the elected topic hence writing research papers ought to have distinctive feature with heavy resources and ample content that presents information free from grammatical or sentence errors. Folks therefore provide preference to pen down the source of information later in the research papers as References. Research papers outline should be perfectly proof read as any loophole might cause adverse effect on your grades.
When writing articles, the process of outlining and proofing content is very similar to that of essays. They’re simply custom essays with short structure and point-to-point details. Articles are written to seek attention from readers. Writing implements conversation about the topic in a personable and informative way. It ought to be easy to read, interesting and possessing distinctive information about the concerned subject is the key for an honest article.
You can also read the essays online to enhance your writing by typing in the following searches e.g buy college essay, buy argumentative essay, buy essay cheap, buy essay papers, buy essay online cheap.

Tips for Writing Clearly

Making an impression with writing your college essay is an important part of the learning process. Exploring the topic and creating valuable points in the written format can be accomplished with several clear strategies.
– Outline the Major Points
This technique works well for dissertation introductions, methodologies as well as other aspects of preliminary paper writing. It also helps to structure your essay into a comprehensive and logical format.
– Use Few theories
Most literature reviews and graduate level writing requires the exploration of relevant theories. By applying a few theories instead of many, it becomes easier for each concept to be clearly addressed. Selecting the most important examples of the point you are trying to make will make the clearest writing overall.
– Apply the theoretical framework
Theoretical strategies and frameworks often build upon one another or directly correlate evidence. Selecting the best theoretical framework means that your problem or topic of discussion will be clearly addressed on multiple dimensions. This makes it possible to create new connections and points based on existing events or reference material.
Using a few sources well is much better than using many without any clear intention. Therefore, outlining and identifying key concepts is influential to the entire writing process. These tips will help your articles and writing assignments shine.

Get Good Grades and Impress Your Teachers

Writing the best academic essay is a skill that will serve you throughout your education. Perfecting the strategies and guidelines that your teacher mentions in class will make your work stand out from the rest. Creating a solid article that meets the requirements of your assignment can be challenge. However, these tips will point you in the write direction even if you are starting with writer’s block.
– Consulting your Notes
Most assignments speak more to the teacher’s particular interests and focus than large scale learning goals. Therefore the textbook can be misleading or paint a greater picture than necessary for your assignment. Check your class notes, and review any handouts or PowerPoint presentations from your teacher to get a better idea of what they think on the subject.
– When possible select an interdisciplinary topic
College writing requires careful topic selection. Try choosing a paper topic that is unique and large. Then you can apply what you know from class in an easy and direct way. This is a particularly useful strategy amongst research papers and service essay writing.
– Avoid Plagiarism for the Best Essay
While it is a good idea to echo your teacher’s points and messages as well as those of writers that are respected in your discipline be sure not to plagiarize. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to ensure no more than two or three words are used in the same order from the original source. This applies to business writing and college essays alike.

These tips will help your teacher relate to you and the topic. This will help engage your academic mentors and demonstrate your best work!